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Problema de Conección Empty Problema de Conección

Post  Admin on Tue May 06, 2008 8:21 am

Saludos a todos, quiero compartir esta situación que me ocurrio. Me trajeron una PC con Windows XP Home sin Service Pack 2 porque no subia el internet. Cuando verifique, se conectaba al network pero no recibia packets. Salia el siguiente error:

The following steps of the repair operation failed:
Renewing the IP address
Refreshing all DHCP leases and re-registering DN...
Please contact your network Administrator or ISP

Le cambie los drivers del NIC, le instale otra tarjeta NIC y por ultimo le puse un USB Wireless y lo mismo. Me puse a buscar y encontre que el problema estaba en el winsock. Bueno como lo solucione, corriendo un programa que se llama winsockfix. Tan pronto corri el programa le di un restart a la PC y todo normal. Para los que quieran guardar el programa aqui se los dejo:

Aqui otra información para PC con Windows XP SP2

Service Pack 2 adds a new command to repair the Winsock corruption problem that can be caused by adware, spyware, or some other causes. You should use this instead of the utility WinsockFix:

netsh winsock reset

Using this command should normally not do any harm, so if you have unsolvable connection problems or spurious disconnections, try it. It does remove all nonstandard LSP (Layered Service Provider) entries from the Winsock catalog, which are usually adware or spyware entries, but if you happened to have a legitimate one installed, it would also be removed and would have to be reinstalled.

If you're really curious, you can use the command:

netsh winsock show catalog

before and after resetting the catalog to find out whether any entries were in fact removed and which ones these were. Another way to get at the same information is to run


and select Components, Network, Protocol. The Layered Service Providers in the list should be of the MSAFD or RSVP ... Service Provider type. All others are likely malevolent and should disappear after the reset command shown above.

Special Note for Microsoft Antispyware users:

If after cleaning you lose internet and or network connectivity, it is also a common Winsock LSP layer issue. Follow the advice in this FAQ, which is identical to the Microsoft suggestion in this MS KB article:;en-us;817571&Product=winxp

A recent Microsoft KB article that provides some diagnostic steps, and suggests a reasonable method of doing-it-yourself: The second half of this KB article describes how to reset the TCP/IP service stack, which is sometimes necessary as a second step to repairing your Winsock corruption problem.


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